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What our visitors are saying...



"Guadalupe Project is an amazing place that helps mothers in need."

"This is a wonderful program. It's great to see a supportive community."

"I am so very happy to have your service. 

 I think you helped my daughter to keep her baby."

"Love it! The people are very nice. 

They don’t make me feel like I’m taking a hand out."

"Very helpful and polite"

"I enjoy all of them. They help out a lot. 

  The staff is really nice and enjoys seeing everyone."

"This project has helped my family tremendously. 

 We were not expecting to have another baby at this stage in our lives but we did and it is great to have a project like this to help out!"

"Everyone is always so helpful and very nice. 

 This is a wonderful mission for those in need. I am extremely grateful!"

"I believe that the Guadalupe Project is awesome. For someone like me with multiple children every little bit helps. It truly is a blessing."

"I am very thankful for the Guadalupe Project. 

 This is a big help for my family."

"I love the Guadalupe Project, they really help out a lot."

"I have had a great experience with the Guadalupe Project. 

 It is very helpful for mothers struggling."

"Every time I come, I am greeted with kindness and respect,

 as well as having my needs met."

"I love all the ladies that help."

"Wonderful people with wonderful things to offer for parents."

"You guys are awesome. Thank you so much!

You ladies are such a blessing!"


Guadalupe Project

building a culture of life under the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe

all for the honor and glory of her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ

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