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Guadalupe Project

building a culture of life under the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe

all for the honor and glory of her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ

Guadalupe Project is a Catholic organization which seeks to build a culture where all life is protected, nurtured, and valued.  Guadalupe Project provides material, spiritual, and other forms of support to persons facing life's challenges related to pregnancy, child bearing, parenthood, sickness, disability, or old age.  Guadalupe Project seeks to remind each person of their inherent value and dignity as person made in the image of God.


Guadalupe Project currently serves as a helping hand to young families, providing material assistance to anyone in need.  Guadalupe Project provides diapers, wipes, formula, bathing necessities, clothing, maternity clothes, prenatal vitamins, pregnancy tests, and other items.  We have served families from Clay, Wayne, Richland, Effingham, and Marion counties.  As Guadalupe Project continues to grow, more programs will be added to continue this mission.  Your support allows Guadalupe Project to continue meeting the needs of people in local communities.  



Do you need a helping hand?​

Beginning at any point in pregnancy, Guadalupe Project can help provide a helping hand to young families in need.  Guadalupe Project can help provide diapers, wipes, clothing, hygiene necessities, and other items.  We also offer care packages and other items for expectant mothers and for families welcoming a new baby. As we continue to grow, our services and programs will continue to expand.  We look forward to meeting you!

Are you expecting? Think you might be expecting?  Come and visit us! We have pregnancy tests available for you! Beginning in the first month of pregnancy, we have care packages, maternity clothes, and other items available.  We look forward to helping you prepare for your baby!





Have a little one? Are you in need of diapers or formula?  Come see us! From birth to their first birthday, Guadalupe Project can help provide diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, receiving blankets, baby lotion, baby bath, towels, washcloths, and many other items. We look forward to seeing you!



Is your baby growing up?  You can still come see us! We can continue to provide helpful gifts as your baby grows up. We stock diapers up to size six and pull-ups to size 5T. Clothing, food, toys, and other items are also available as our resources allow. We look forward to continuing to help you as your baby grows, up to their 4th birthday!


Come and see us! You do not need to bring any paperwork or proof with you.  

There will be a short survey for you to fill out, and then we will get you set up with items for your child! 

While we are located in Clay County, we are open to anyone from the other surrounding areas that are in need of a helping hand.  Simply come and walk through our doors during our walk-in ours, or set an individual appointment, and we will be ready to help you! 

The Early Days... 2015-2017 at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Flora

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